The United Utah Party

I am proud to be a candidate for the United Utah Party. Working with the UUP is a great opportunity to show that Utahns value problem-solving over politics. We have the chance to show people that we are rejecting the poisonous Washington politics that have taken control of the other parties in our state.

The United Utah Party contacted me after they found out I intended to run. We talked about some of the issues that are important to me and what they want to accomplish as a party. We both thought it was a good match, and one that will give me the best opportunity to win this election and bring change to our state politics.
The UUP was created just a year ago to give an alternative to people who are not happy with either major party. Their candidate for Utah Congressional District 3, Jim Bennett, nearly outperformed the Democratic candidate in Provo and Orem, despite a huge deficit in outside resources. With a well run campaign, running with the UUP will allow me to connect with voters who do not think other parties represent their best interests.

We cannot afford to have our government run by any side that puts their extreme ideology ahead of facts. We need leaders, who when confronted with facts they don’t like, look to solve problems head on. Utahns are tired of politicians who ignore our problems when the solutions are hard.
You can learn more about the United Utah Party at their website –